When ISIS attacked Sinjar district and its suburbs on August 3, 2014, they murdered more than five thousand Yazidi men, abducted more than six thousand Yazidi women and girls and used them for sex slavery, and brainwashed thousands of Yazidi children. In addition, more than half a million Yazidis were displaced from their own homeland to Kurdistan region of Iraq. Despite all these, ISIS began to destroy the infrastructure of the areas where Yazidis inhabited. So that they ensured that Yazidis could not return to their own homes.

Attempting to give life to the educational system in Sinjar district, Sunrise NGO, funded by Nadia’s Initiative, rehabilitated Qurtaba Primary School in Al-Hateen complex after it had been looted and damaged by this terrorist organization.
Nowadays, the children in Al-Hateen complex and the other surrounding areas can keep going to their school after it has been renovated, furnished, and provided with all school supplies. Such a sustainable development project improves the quality of life and provides hope for a better present and future.

Donor: Nadia’s Initiative
Location: Al-Hateen complex, Al-Shimal sub-district, Sinjar district, Nineveh governorate, Iraq. 
Total Number of Beneficiaries: annually 600 pupils.     
Gender: 350 Males and 250 Females. 
Ages: 6-12 years old 
Duration: Four Months