Sunrise NGO always tends to support children, women, and young individuals. In each activity, the Inclusion of people with and without disabilities is ensured. In Sunrise’s protocol, the human being is the first and latest priority. 

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Sunrise NGO organizes a marathon in Sinjar city. The participants were Yezidi and Muslim girls. Besides, during the project duration, Sunrise NGO conducted a child resilience program for Yezidi and Muslim children. The purpose behind organizing these activities is to enhance social cohesion among the members of the community in Sinjar district after being invaded by ISIS. Hundreds of residents attended and began to enjoy watching the marathon running. It was obvious that the residents missed finding themselves congregated with each other in their hometown after spending years in displacement. 

In addition, Sunrise ensures its support to all the community members. Sunrise revived the International Day of Persons with Disabilities with the people with disabilities in Sinjar city by supporting a group of people with disabilities to organize a Books Exhibition. In this event, Sunrise NGO will provide 1000 different books. These books will be remained in the Sunrise office as a small library where many more people can benefit from these books for a much longer period. Furthermore, Sunrise NGO supported people with disabilities who own drawing talents with drawing materials. This makes them feel that the real disability is not physical, and so long as the brain works, creativity can be done. 


Name of project: We are Born as a Peaceful Cell; Everyone can Improve and Contribute to Social Cohesion Which Creates a Peaceful Community.
Donor: Handicap International
Location: Sinjar city, Sinjar district, Nineveh governorate, Iraq.
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 176 (98 males & 78 females).
Ages:  4-49 Years old
Duration: 3 months.