Recovery is not just about restoring basic services. Public areas are the key places for bringing communities together and representing visible signs of healing and rehabilitation. In Sinjar, a district where its Yazidi residents were subjected to a genocide campaign by ISIS in 2014, USAID is partnering with Nadia’s Initiative and Sunrise NGO to rehabilitate Al-Taakhy Park. Bringing the park back to life will create a space for the community members to congregate again, as they used to gather together in this park prior to 2014.

The project rehabilitated Al-Taakhy Park, one of the central parks in Sinjar city, which will be a place for entertainment and amusement to hundreds of families at a time when there were very few rehabilitated parks. The impact of this park was obviously positive and it became a safe space for thousands of people from different neighborhoods of the city. It is now a place of relaxation for the inhabitants amid their devastated city in the post-war phase.

Donor:  USAID
Location: Sinjar city, Sinjar district, Nineveh governorate, Iraq.
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 1400 (600 males & 800 females)
Ages: 12-80 years old.
Duration: Five Months.