In 2014, ISIS launched a genocide campaign against Yazidis in Sinjar district and the areas where Yazidis resided in Baaj district. ISIS killed thousands of Yazidi men, abducted more than six thousand women and girls and used them for sex slavery, and more than half a million Yazidis were forcibly displaced from their homeland. ISIS did not only attempt to annihilate the Yazidis. But destroyed the infrastructure of their areas to ensure that Yazidis will never return and make a demographic alteration on earth.

The rehabilitation of Al-Jazeera Second Mixed Primary School was one of the first sustainable development projects implemented in the post-war phase. The project was implemented by Sunrise NGO and funded by Nadia’s Initiative. The rehabilitation included renovation, furnishing, and providing with school supplies. Now, the pupils in Al-Jazeera complex and the surrounding areas can go to their school and give continuity to their education. Such a project will give the community strength. Since the real power is knowledge.

Donor: Nadia’s Initiative.
Location: Al-Jazeera complex, Al-Qahtaniya sub-district, Baaj district, Nineveh governorate, Iraq.
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 34 pupils annually.
Gender: 19 Males and 15 Females.
Ages: 6-12 years old.
Duration: Four Months.