Providing a friendly space for children during the post-war phase is deemed to be a significant matter to facilitate recovering the trauma of genocide and displacement. In Sinjar city, Sunrise NGO, funded by Nadia’s Initiative, runs Sinjar Kindergarten after furnishing it with the necessary supplies. The project provides the participants with entertainment classes, pre-primary education classes, and psychosocial support. The participants are from different neighborhoods of Sinjar city and its surrounding areas. It is a safe and friendly space for more than 250 children. They find joy and peace in their own friendly space after spending years in displacement and their devastated homeland. Sunrise launched this project in April 2022, and it is still ongoing.

Donor: Nadia’s Initiative
Location: Sinjar city, Sinjar district, Nineveh governorate, Iraq.
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 210 (106 males & 104 females)
Ages: 4- 6 Years old.  
Duration: April/2022 – current.