Education is always deemed as a fundamental factor in development process of nations and societies. It is the cornerstone for building a bright future. Based on this, Developing the educational system is one of the top priorities of Sunrise. Thus, Sunrise NGO in partnership with Nadia’s Initiative rehabilitated Al-Qahtaniya Third Primary Mixed School for 191 pupils. The rehabilitation process included renovation, furnishing, and providing with school supplies. It is now a safe space for the local children to continue with their education at their school. Voices of children could be heard from this school after it had been forcibly abandoned for years, which alludes that life is re-given to the area again!

Donor: Nadia’s Initiative
Location: Al-Qahtaniya town, Al-Qahtaniya sub-district, Baaj district, Nineveh governorate, Iraq.
Total Number of Beneficiaries:191 pupils annually.
Gender: 108 Males and 83 Females.
Ages: 6- 12 years old.
Duration: Four Months